Concept & Design

SEGA Europe Ltd.

// SEGA Allstars Racing Transformed //
SEGA Europe Ltd.

Here is an early concept of an all-star racing game with flying cars.

I am working closely with SUMO Digital in their up-coming racing game; With the help of Scott Robertson (Design Studio Press), I developed Sonic’s Car, Plane and Boat design to feel like a true speedster capable of racing in any world, real or otherwise!

The car was developed in Modo and was iterated many times between myself, the Producers at SEGA Europe and Sonic Team in Japan.

// SEGA Rally Revo //
SEGA Racing Studio

Here are a selection of concept images produced for the track development in SEGA Rally; the studio created one of these for most of the tracks (we didn’t always have the time to do this) – it was very helpful to describe to the artists how the track should look, and what features went where.

The ‘cell shade’ type concepts were my earliest attempts at pre-visualising the content of a race track; this was used to debate the layout and was presented in combination with a map overview explaining all of the key ‘areas’ in the race.

Product Design, 3D Modelling and Rendering, Concept Art. Modo 4/501, Photoshop