Art Direction

SEGA Europe Ltd.

CRUSH3D | Nintendo 3DS

This project was brought to my attention as we were re-vamping the artwork from a conversion of the original PSP version. We had really limited budget and time.

These images were based on an idea I had for adding more depth and fun to the story; the original game was pretty depressing so in this concept, the lead characters life involves being a student at college and his teacher, a crazy scientist sends him into his dreamworld, which is themed on studying and time pressures.

The direction served to anchor the artists direction by building strong themes with a quirky twist (like the giant clocks and books) the levels needed to look like they were someones dream – familiar but a bit weird and fun.

I provided paint-over guidance to three of the levels of varying degrees; shown here are the city levels and the nursery.

Print Renders, ZBrush, Upscaling, Texturing, Modelling